Without breakdown to Kalbarri

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 24th March, 2012

In the morning we got up early and thus we also started early. In Meekatharra I had a problem with the key of the camping as I lost it somehow after the last toilet visit. So I had to leave back the key deposit, but fortunately it was not very high. As we started driving the sky was covered by black clouds and it was not very warm. After a short time we stopped and changed to long trousers. Thinking about hot chocolate we drove to Cue and were looking for it in the sleepy village. Thanks to a hint we drove to the road house. Here we could prepare the chocolate by ourselves, but it was only one with water. In the rain we drove to Lake Austin. Here I wanted to take a picture and Sandra parked the car a the side of the road. As the car stood inclined and I opened the window, the water flowed into the car like a waterfall. With wet trousers we drive to Yalgoo to refuel. Unfortunately the machine did not accept my credit card. But we saw a church built by Monsignor John Hawes, the architect of the cathedral of Geraldton. This one we just watched from the outside and continued over the granary of Western Australia. In the interior we saw may harvested grain fields. We arrived at uur destination Kalbarri a bit after 4pm and found soon a camping. This time we got to Kalbarri without breakdown. As there was still some time left, we went to Nature's Window. Here the nature etched a window into a rock. We had to hurry as it was already late afternoon and it starts to get dark already after 6pm. On the way we met two kangaroos which left the road only after we took sufficient pictures. More picture stops followed and we reached the main road as it was already quite dark, but the the many stops were worth it.