Back in Hobart

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 25th February, 2012

In the morning I drove to the blow holes. They should actually blow water high up during high tide, at least so I imagine a blow hole. It happened nothing, maybe it is because it looked a bit decayed. I enjoyed a bit the coast and drove on. As I am now on the road since a month and I am a bit fed up with packing and unpacking the backpack, I decided to stay the last few days in Hobart. As it was Saturday, I could visit Salamanca Market. There were many stands selling food, souveniers, bits and pieces. The atmosphere was accompanied with live music of different styles. Today was the warmest day this month, the thermometer climbed up to 39° C! To get it a bit cooler I drove up to Mount Wellington. The view was brilliant as the sun did its best. Now as I surrounded the island once I have now a better imagination as last time. I made a short hike up to the summit, accompanied by the sound of the crickets. I realised that there are different species and I could even take a picture of two of them.