Hiking on Maria Island

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 21st February, 2012

I fell in love, sorry Konrad. But Maria Island entered my heart. With the boat we went to island. There I joined a German couple for the rest of the day. First we went to the Fossil Cliffs. Here I could see up to 240 million year old fossils in the rock. Back in Darlington we continued to the Painted Cliffs. That are rocks which have different colours in the sunlight. The best time here is at low tide. We were lucky and the sun started shining as we were there, so we could marvel at all the colours of the different rock layers. Finally we hiked into the interior of the island and then back to Darlington. On the island I saw today some kangaroos, wallabies, goose, hen-like birds, a wombat and a breeding penguin. Unfortunately I did not see any dolphins. Then we went back to Triabunna with the boat. There I wanted to get some money from the ATM, but it did not work with any of my cards. According to the unfriendly lady from the supermarket some French had the same problem a few days ago. I said that there might be a problem with the machine. She did not believe as the problems are only with foreign cards. But as I could always get money so far, I believe more in my version. Anyway, my credit card was accepted and I booked another night in the caravan as I do not yet have enough of Maria Island and will go there tomorrow again.