Gordon River Tour

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 9th February, 2012

I was quite tired when the ship cruise started. From Strahan we went to the Hells Gates. There is the entry from the sea to Macquarie Harbour. In that area I could see many light houses. Then the trip went along fish farms. In the open water the fishes are breed in cages. Then we went up Gordon River. This is the biggest river in Tasmania. We passed a very beautiful landscape and could see very old trees. Our first stop was at Heritage Landing. There was a board walk of 30 minutes. Interestingly there grow young trees out of fallen old ones. The trees seam to take as long to decompose as they need to grow. Our trip continues to Sarah Island. These island was cleared and a prison constructed on it. The ruins are still there. After 60 minutes the ship went back to Strahan. After a break I made a walk along the banks of Macquarie Harbour. On the way I saw a sign pointing to the Hogarth Fall. As it was raining last night the waterfall was wonderful.