The beaches of Freycinet National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 19th February, 2012

My day started with a bird. When I prepared my breakfast, I saw a parrot on the tree outside of the kitchen window. As my camera is always ready I could take a picture of it. Here the climate is mild and Coles Bay advertises with 100 sunny days a year. That is why there are lemons and tree tomatos growing in the garden of the host. Freshly starched I drove into the National Park and hiked to the Great Oyster Bay. On the way again parrot were flying from the trees. I hiked in the bay along the beach and enjoyed the view to the mountains of the park. Next stop was Cape Tourville. Here I had a stunning view over the peninsula. On a lucky day you see dolphins from here and also whales if there is the right season. I for sure saw none of them. I shortely walked to the light house and went back to Coles Bay. I wanted to do sightseeing in the center. I realized that there is only a restaurant, a shop and a bakery. They definitively live from tourism as there are a lot of accommodation possibilities. I decided to walk along Muris Beach. After 30 minutes I was at the other end and enjoyed a picnic. On the beach there were two cyclists and soon I realized that is was Diana and her husband. I rented my room from them. Diana asked me, if I would like some zucchini and potatoes. I accepted in thanks. I got the fresh vegetables from their garden. She told me that next to my room is a bush with Tassie berries and I should taste them. The taste is difficult to describe, but they are fine berries. In the late afternoon I drove to the Friendly Beaches. Here I stayed more than an hour and was fascinated from the stones. As I had a lot of time, I tried to build a little stone man. At one place there are stones looking like floor plates, all have the same size. Here I also met some older Australians. It is interesting how many Australians come to Tasmania for vacation. At the parking I saw again a jumping wallaby. In the evening I prepared a nice dinner with the fresh vegetables.