Wet and happy from Denmark to Albany

by Petra Bucheli

Thursday 5th April, 2012

I made a short walk along the Wilson Inlet when the rain stopped for a moment. At the river mouth a couple of pelicans where sitting there. After we continued our journey of discovery. First stop was Swiss Annie's fine Chocolate Lounge. We ordered a hot chocolate and got milk and pieces of chocolate. With a stirrer to we could prepare it by ourselves. The owner asked us where we come from and then told us that his wife is also Swiss. She then joined us and let us test her pralines. She told us how she had came here and that she is glad that it is finally raining. We learnt that there are a few Swiss living in the region of Denmark. Then we went to the William Bay National Park. Here we first watched the Green Pool. The sea is separated through rocks and it looks like a pool. We could observe a kite surfer. Then we walked to Elephant Cove were the sea water flows through an opening in the rocks. Then we drove past Albany into the Torndirrup National Park. We just started to walk to the Natural Bridge when we turn back as it started to rain heavily and we had not put on the waterproof clothes. After the lunch break and with less rain and waterproof clothes we went to see rock formations. The sea was heavy and hit the rocks strongly. That was interesting to watch. We were soaking wet as we were back. It was colder than in the last few days. Then we drove to the blow holes. From 33m distance we tried to see if the spray came from the blow holes or from the surf. It was not distinguishable. We continued to a lookout and looked over to Albany. Shortly after we were in Albany. The town has some charm due to the old buildings. First we bought food, but we were not the only ones. As I wanted to do some sightseeing we departed so I could peacefully watch the old buildings and churches. After we decided to to stay in the proximity. We drove to a camping and paid the Easter tariff of 43 dollars!