Swan Valley and John Forrest National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 4th March, 2012

Konrad hat to be at the airport at 9am as he had to go back to Sydney. The next time when we will see us is when I go to Sydney. With the car I drove to the Swan Valley. My first stop was in Guildford and I informed myself in the information office about what to visit in this area. I already knew that there are many wineries in the Swan Valley. First I walked around in Guildford, then I drove to the Sandalfort Winery, as it can be visited without tasting wine. After I went to Bells Rapid. There I had a great view over the valley and you could also see the skyscrapers of Perth. The next stop was the Honey House. Here they explain how honey is produced and I could tasted many different kinds of honey. With a lovely honey ice and a honey lemon water in the stomach I continued. Passing many vines I went to the Maali Park and walked along Swan River. I had lunch at the Houghton Winery. First I went walking in the big park, after I visited the museum and the gallery. In the gallery they sell glassware and pictures. In a chat with the artists I learned that that Margarete, the photographer, is from Germany. But she understands Swiss dialect very good as she worked for more than 30 years in Basel. She told me that there are not many Swiss in this region. As it was only early afternoon, I was thinking what to visit next. I just continued driving and reached a road sign pointing to the John Forrest National Park. Over a scenic drive it went through the park, but for a long time I did not see a hiking path. At one spot there was a barrier and I had to buy a day pass to enter the park. Also here I went walking. As it was 35° allowed myself something to drink in the bush restaurant. In the garden veranda there were two green parrots walking on the tables. Looking right I saw a few kangaroos which got feed here. There were also some young ones, one I could observe while suckling. As I got slowly tired from the heat, I went back to Perth. Here I will stay the next few days.