120 km until Triabunna

by Petra Bucheli

Monday 20th February, 2012

Today I wanted to lie in, but my inner clock woke me up already at 8am. After I moved all my stuff to the car again, I started. To Coles Bay there is just one road and thus the way was the same as two days ago. On the way there was someone with a camera standing beside the road and shortly after an emu. So I made a U-turn and came back. The emu did not bother. A few days ago I told Konrad, I could fly home as I now have a picture of most animals. Konrad replied the emu is missing. There I am. Still I would like to stay a bit longer as I like it here. Only the weather might get a bit warmer. The only road to the west goes through the interior. I drove along wines and olive trees, saw flocks of sheep which had nearly the same colour as the ground. As I had plenty of time, I drove to the Nine Mile Beach and walked a bit on it. This beach is just opposite to Coles Bay and Freycinet National Park. Beside some sea birds I saw again a pelican swimming in the watter. Then I drove on to Swansea. Here I visited the Bark Mill Museum. It show how crop was milled in earlier times. It was the only mill where everybody could mill his crop. In the village Swansea I walked along the beach and had again a full view to the Freycinet National Park. There was a strong wind and a few drops here and there. My trip continued to Spiky Bridge which was constructed in 1840 and is still in use. Short after 14pm I arrived in Triabunna. In the tourist office I reserved a got a ticket for the boat going every morning to the island. Then I was looking for the camping, as I reserved a room there. The owner showed me my room and explained that for the same price I could stay in a caravan, this would be more comfortable. I had a look and decided to stay in the caravan. Here I can train already for the west coast where I will be on the road with a friend in a camper. At it was only afternoon I walked along the sea. Not far from the shore is Dead Island. You make walk to this small island if there is low tide. A bit later there was a sign that there are pelicans to see here. I had no luck, there was none. After a short sightseeing in Triabunna I went back to the camping and passed the rest of the afternoon reading.