An unusual birthday

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 17th March, 2012

Shortly before sunrise we awoke as I wanted to take pictures of the sunrise. But according to Sandra I was not allowed to get back inside of the camper. Already inside I heard the flies buzzing and when I went outside I was surrounded by some of them. Now I understood Sandra's warning. Soon we continued driving and enjoyed the morning atmosphere around us. Far ahead a kangaroo crossed the road. Our first destination was Carnavon, a seemingly nice town. Unfortunately the road was under construction in the center. We enjoyed a breakfast and went shopping and filling up fuel. Then we drove to the blowholes where a nice coast awaited us. The blowholes produce only small fountains as the tide was not yet in. We thus decided to drive to Lake Macleod, a salt lake. After we came back again to the blowholes, but now the fountains were gone. After the next fuel stop we drove to Coral Bay. While driving I saw some strange rocks and asked Sandra, if they might be termite mounds. With some distance, we did not know if these animals attack, we made a few pictures of them. Later we saw a emu crossing the road, good luck we did not need to slam on the brakes. In Coral Bay we were looking for a camping. Unfortunately we could not rent snorkel equipment for today anymore, thus we have to wait until tomorrow. Shortly before sunset we took a refreshing bath in the sea. For the sunset I was back at the shore, but Sandra stayed in the water. During dinner we go a show as a silly German remove this clothes and run from the kitchen. I did not really see it as it was behind my back, but Sandra had a VIP place.