Easter in Australia

by Petra Bucheli

Easter Sunday 8th April, 2012

In the morning Domink allowed me 30 minutes for sightseeing in Kalgoorlie. This was enough as all shops were closed due to Easter Sunday. Back in the camper I got migraine. Good luck I had the headache soon under control. First we wanted to do a bit sightseeing in Coolgardie, but because of my headache we let it be. We made a short toilet stop and saw how children were searching Easter bunnies in the park. We continued and drove until Merredin. Here also everything was closed, but still we made our lunch break here. After we decided to drive until Narembeen and to stay thee overnight. Our road passed huge grainfields. From time to time there where grain collecting points beside the railway track. In Narembeen we watched a seeder which was about 25 m wide. The camping in Narembeen was an open space and we would have to pay at the municipality hall. Only it was closed due to Easter and so we continued. In Kondinin it was the same, only the site was nicer and we could pay in the motel. So we went to the motel and returned with the key for the kitchen to the site. The rest of the day we read or worked on the computer. In the evening I walked over the sports place and watched to sunset.