Wedding anniversary

by Petra Bucheli

Monday 25th June, 2012

We experienced our most beautiful day exactly one year ago. Now we enjoyed our first wedding anniversary together with lovely friends. In the morning we strolled a bit through Wuzhen. We wanted to buy something to drink, but it was a bit more complicated that expected. Talking with hands and feet to the lady we managed to get a cool drink. After we drove to Lake Tai. On a small island we enjoyed a fine lunch. We were glad that Caren mostly ordered the meals. At Lake Tai we stopped to walk a bit on a boardwalk. Back in Kunshan we experienced a traditional massage. First we enjoyed a warm foot bath with a neck and arm massage. Then it started, at the feet were kneaded, pressed and a few points were hurting a bit. It continued up the legs to the bottom and then the back. It was very nice to get the tense muscles kneaded. After 100 minutes we were relieved and felt light like a feather.

Next was our last meal with Caren and her family. We got Peking Duck and many other tasty things.