Ngilgi Cave and its flowstones

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 3rd April, 2012

In the morning we visited the dolphin research center in Bunbury. Here we could watch to films about dolphins, but unfortunately no dolphin could be observed in the bay. So we decided to continue driving southwards. In Brusseltown is an old quay going 2 km out into the sea. At the end you can go below the water, but it was closed due to the heavy waves. So we drove to Cape Naturaliste and made a short hike around the light house. I was still taking pictures as Dominik went back to the camper and met a big kangaroo. Unfortunately it disappeared until I arrived. Our trip led us throut the Leewin-Naturaliste National Park. Here there are many flowstone caves. Some of them were only discovered after a bushfire. The biggest one open for visitors is Ngilgi Cave. First there was a short introduction about the cave and after we could wander around by ourselves. There are many flowstones in different sizes. After we decided to to visit any other caves as this one must have been the most beautiful. Back on the main road we stopped at a labyrith. It was was funny, but unfortunately we did not know that there were also doors. But until the end we found all paths. After we drove until Augusta, the most south-western town of Australia. The town seamed to be very small and thus we drove back to Margaret River. In the last few years the region around Margaret River made a name for good Australian wine. We saw many wines during the drive.