Cape Range Nationalpark

by Petra Bucheli

Monday 19th March, 2012

Shortly after we had to show the park pass there were any parrots sitting on the street. The flew away just to land again a few meters ahead in front of our camper. They made that game twice and then Sandra told me to go on. We wanted to drive until the end of the park for a short walk. On the way I saw a kangaroo sitting in the bush. As soon as we left the car it jumped away. We saw a few more on the mountain side. We enjoyed from far the jumping animals and continued. During the drive we also saw a few emus walking through the bush. After a few picture stops we arrived at Yardie Creek Gorge. There a river is crossing the park. We hiked for an hour around the river to get an impression of the landscape at the river. But we did not want to hike longer as it was already hot. We drove back to the Mandu Mandu Gorge. Here there is another 3 km hike, but we did not do it as it got warmer and warmer. So we drove to Turquoise Bay and walked along the turquoise water. Our last destination on the western side of the National Park was Mangrove Bay. Not even the hint of Sandra made me think that it could have something to do with mangrove trees. We had to go back to Exmouth to get to the southern side of the National Park. After another 20 km we took the way to the Shothole Canyon under wheels. The gravel road in the canyon goes up and up. For the last hundred meters we even needed the 4WD. On the way in and out we saw we saw many beautiful rocks shimmering in different colours. The Shothole Canyon amazed us with its diversity of colours. Back on the road we went to the Charles Knife Road. First a normal road, then a gravel road which leads up higher and higher. Up there was a beautiful view over the canyons, the sea and the endless width of Australia.