Flight over the Big Lagoon

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 16th March, 2012

In the morning we went again to the beach of Monkey Mia. We watched the first dolphin feeding from the pier. We hopped for a second feeding, but until 10am the dolphins did not return to the bay. After we drove to Denham and did some sightseeing in the small fisher village. Here I learnt that pumping up tires is quite easy. The kind sir from the petrol station told us how much we need to fill them. I do not know what kind of dimension they use, but not bar. First we visited a pearl shop and I bought a black pearl pendant, then we went to the airport. Here we entered a propeller machine and made a scenic flight of 30 minutes from Denham to the Big Lagoon. I would not have stood it longer as I got a bit sick from the many air holes. We enjoyed a beautiful view over the lagoons and the Francois Peron National Park. The we drove to Eagle Buff, a lookout over Shark Bay. We could count many sharks swimming below. On the Shell Beach we walked many small shells to the beach. The beach consists of small white, beige and reddish shells. At 5pm we reached a Road House (Petrol Station with shop and usually with accommodations on a outback road) with a camping. We decided to drive to the next one and at 6:30pm we found a closed camping. We wanted to stay on the carpark as it was already getting dark. As soon as we stood there and opened the roof clamps, the owner came out and told us that we are not allowed to stay here over night. He did not want to hear my explanation that we did not know that the camping is closed. On request he finally explained that the next carpark is in 5 km and in 42 km we can stay for free. So we had to drive another 42 km. The sight got worse and worse. On the carpark we were not the only ones. As we did not have current here, it was very warm inside and we sweated. Tired from everything we went to bed early.