Nambung Nationalpark and his Pinnacles

by Petra Bucheli

Friday 9th March, 2012

Short after 10am we went with the bus to the Apollo rental office. Because of a huge building site along the road some of the bus stops were closed. So we had to walk with all our luggage for about 30 minutes. The stress continued at the rental office. All forms were filled out and we should deposit the deposit. As I have already an insurance for the excess in case of an accident, I had to deposit CHF 7500. Already back in Switzerland I had told this to my bank and they had raised the limit. But it did not work. I guess the monthly limit was raised, but not the daily limit. So we had to pay for an insurance to reduce the deposit. After we tried all credit cards and the system played up, we got to see th Camper. OK, 4WD is cool, but I realized that it has to be shifted manually. Good luck I am already used to drive left so I could concentrate myself on shifting the gears. Now our trip to the west coast could start. First we went shopping. I was lucky to find a nice tasting spelt toast as I cannot eat wheat. Our destination for today was the Nambung National Park. Occasionally we stopped and enjoyed the landscape. At the beginning we saw many grass trees. It looked great. In the late afternoon we reached Nambung National Park. Here are the Pinnacles, most long and pointy rocks standing straight. We passed these rocks on a sandy road. The sun was already deep, the best time for pictures. We made many. At the end of the circle road Sandra realized that there is another road leaving from this one. So we went there and this was a good idea. There live emus and they enjoyed themselves close to the road. Then we had to rush to not let the sunset pass as the light shining very nice at the rocks. After dinner at the carpark of the National Park Sandra went again to the Pinnacles to take picture with moonlight, meanwhile I enjoyed the bright moon. Then we drove another 30 minutes in the dark to Cervantes. The reception of the camping was already closed, but a sign said that we may ring on the door of the next house until 20:30. A look at the watch said that we had exactly 4 minutes left. We had luck and got a place to stay overnight.