From Grampians National Park to the sea

by Petra Bucheli

Sunday 29th January, 2012

I sit on the veranda of our hostel and enjoy the cool breeze from the sea. But one after the other.

As we yesterday went to bed quite early, we today stood up also a bit earlier. After we got all our stuff packed, we went again hiking. We drove until the car park of the Mackenzie Falls. A bit before and at the car park we saw again cangaroos. But those were smaller as the other ones we saw before. First we walked to the nearby Broken Fall, then to the Mackenzie Fall. To our surprise it had a lot of water, at least for local circumstances. It is very beautiful. First we went many steps to the base of the fall, after we went up again to another lookout at the top. From there we could see the complete waterfall and it was very nice. Konrad wanted to do another mountain hike, but we were not allowed to drive on gravel road with the rented car. As a replacement we visited another fall. So we hiked to the Beehive Fall. On the way we saw a wild beehive, parrots and also a cockatoo. We continued by car and stopped in Ararat. We just arrived as at least 200 motorcycles passed in a kind of parade. After lunch we went on towards the sea. We passed Geelong and came then to Queenscliff. There we were looking for the Youth Hostel. In the tourist information they said it is the house just beside. From the outside it looks like an old hotel. After booking a room we went to the beach and explored a bit the town. The evening ended with a nice dinner. As we did not know from which animal an eye fillet is taken, the friendly waiter explained that it is something like a steak. Then it must be beef. The fillet was made with mushrooms in the center and wrapped in bacon. As it was Sunday we granted us the culinary delight.