Metro, Transrapid et al.

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 27th June, 2012

In the early morning we packed our luggage for the last time. We started after a fine breakfast. We went to the market for antiques, but at 8:30am not many stands were already open. So we went to the nearby pet market. Here birds, fishes, insects, hamsters, etc. were sold. For Swiss understanding the market was close to animal cruelty. Often the animals did have nearly no space in their cages. After we went back to the antiques market where we had now more to see. After we dared to use the metro. Everything was also written in Englisch and thus it went very well. After my handbag got x-rayed at the security control we we could ride to our destination. From there we walked to the Jade Buddha Temple. In this Buddhist Temple were some statues of Buddha and from different gods. The most valuable one was a two meter high Buddha and a lying Buddha, each made of one piece of pale jade. It was not yet noon and so we walked to the Jing-An Temple. In the middle of the city this temple is beside skyscrapers and shopping malls. Also here a some statues for Buddha and gods were to see. Only there were fewer tourists here. After lunch we picked up our luggage at the youth hostel and let us order a taxi to the Maglev (Transrapid) station. With 300 km/h we travelled the 30 km to the airport. At the check-in the lady explained us that we first have to go into the next room as there is something with our luggage. I had to show the clamping set and the raclette cooking gear and then the lady from the security was content. Now we are sitting in the airport at the gate and wait for our long trip home.