Hiking in the Wilsons Promontory National Park

by Petra Bucheli

Wednesday 1st February, 2012

In the hostel we met yesterday Flo from Germany. He studies in St. Gall and is doing an exchange semester in Australia. As he did not travel by car he asked if he might join us. We sat off in the morning to the Prom, how the National Park is tenderly called by the locals. On the drive to Tidal River an Emu crossed the road, but it was too fast to take a picture. First we informed us in the tourist information which tracks were open. Many are closed as there were floods in the last year. For warm-up we walked to the Norman Bay. On the way we chased off a snake which wanted to take a sunbath. To have time to enjoy the view we went along the beach back to the car park. Now warmed up we hiked in the Lilly Pilly Gully. There was a dry rainforest. To get a better view over the Prom we went up Mount Bishop. Suddenly there was a loud noise in the bush beside us. We guessed that was a wallaby fleeing us. Even as the peak was only at 319 m, we had a spectacular view. Back at the car park we drove to Squeaky Beach. If you walk on that beach, it crunches below your feet. We were striding around the rocks and discussed what will be next. I was a bit sceptical about the suggestion to hike another 6 km as I felt already my sensible knee. So we decided to walk to a bay named Millers Landing. On the way a bird couple was trying to get feed from the tree beside the track and the cones dropped to the floor with a big crack. Understandable that we were a bit scared. But these kind of parrots we did not yet meet: black with yellow spots on the head and tail. We also met a few wallabies. To some we could get as close as 2 meters. Impressive. Down at the bay there were mangroves and black swans. As I still had some power left, we hiked up to another viewpoint. The track to the Vereker Outlook lead over many rocks and went up and up. The view was brilliant. On one side the sea and the islands, on the other the wide nature park. On the way back home we saw more kangaroos, cockatoos and other birds. It was a very nice day and I was surprised that I hiked in total about 20 km.