A day in Perth

by Petra Bucheli

Tuesday 6th March , 2012

Already at 9 o'clock the sun was sending its rays to the earth. First I bought a pair of sandals which I then kept on my feet. From the centre I walked along Swan River until Heirission Island. The Island is cut half by a road going from one end to the other. I just realized that I made my walk on the wrong side. There should be some kangaroos on the other side according to my city map which I had forgotten in the hostel. Back I took the same way and I tried to keep below the palms whenever possible. I saw jellyfishes swimming in the Swan River. Back in the centre I made a big break in the park and laid in the shadow of the palms. My biggest problem here is that my skin is getting red fast and I do not want to get sunburnt another time.

In the later afternoon I visited the Anglican church in Perth. After I walked towards the catholic cathedral. On the way I found an old fire brigade station beside the hospital. It is the first fire brigade station of Perth. Nowadays they exhibit old fire fighting gear and in the first floor there is much information about the natural disasters which hit Australia from time to time

After I walked to the St. Mary Cathedral. It is very special, then the old cathedral became on the left and right side an extension. The inside is old and at the same time very modern.