Arrival in Sydney

by Konrad Bucheli

Sunday, 5th February, 2012

I flew to Sydney after Petra and I had to depart in the airport of Melbourne. Once arrived I got into the city by train and then by taxi to my new home in Woollahra. That is half way between center and Bondi Beach. Thomas welcomed me as he was on duty. After lunch Andreas joined us. He slept in. In the afternoon he guided me to downtown. I learned that I have to take bus 389 which stops just in front of our house. I bought a big city map to be able to orientate myself. With the ferry we departed between Harbour Bridge and the opera house, heading towards Watsons Bay. On the way we saw the house where Petra and I will live after beginning of April. OK, we did not know exactly which one was it, but it must be one on the west side of Double Bay. After we left the ferry we went walking. From the South Head we enjoyed the view back to downtown and out into the Tasmanian Sea. The bus brought us back via the crowded Bondi Beach. And tomorrow I have to start working.