Birthday Excursion to Herberton

by Petra Bucheli

Saturday 20th July, 2019

Konrad celebrated his birthday and could choose the activities. We visited the Historic Village in Herberton.

We could see many items and houses from older times. At the printer we could print Wanted posters with different "crimes" which we did for the kids. Then we could watch a blacksmith at work. Jann was very interested and wanted to see everything.

As it was Saturday we could ride with a small train a short distance to the railway museum. Beside an old railway station they showed the locomotives and wagons they have and restore.

On the later afternoon we drove to Lake Tinaroo to eat the birthday cake of Konrad. There is a playground just next to the lake which the kids loved. There were different swings, also some we did not meet yet. But their play abruptly stopped. Jann stood on the seat of the seesaw and fell down. Unfortunately he hit the back of his head on the seat and it started to bleed strongly. After we figured out where the next hospital is by calling the emergency number we went back to Atherton. We were lucky and did not need to wait long. The wound was closed with two clips. They can be removed on the day where we fly home. Nicely I got the removal utensil, so I can do that by myself when we are at home. We could take him home as he did not show any symptoms of concussion.

So the end of Konrad's birthday was a bit unexpected, but you never know with kids what may happen.